Saturday, November 24, 2012


Bored... ?

In the last time I looked for good music on Youtube. I found a lot, but in this time I seek, I just hear this one song called "Radioactive". The song was very good and I wanted to look for other songs as I found a song with the same name. 

I was very surprised that there are so many good songs called "Radioactive". I searched for other songs named the same and found three other songs. All in all I want present you five songs under the headline "Radioactive". 

~the best five~

So today I want you to show five songs ordered from the best to the worst.
There's nothin' more to say.

1. Imagine Dragons

The song "Radioactive" from Imagine Dragons is the soundtrack to the new Assassins Creed. The Imagine Dragons play music Indie Rock and Alternative Rock. For me it takes the first place, beacuase it has such a power and everytime when they're playing this song, I sing with them.
The song is from their debut album "Night Visions".

2. Marina And The Diamonds

The song "Radioactive" from Marina And The Diamonds is the second best song I could find. Maybe it is not as good as the first place, but is also good. Marina Lambrini Diamandis is the front singer of the "group. The song is from their second album "Electra heart". I still have the deluxe edition of the album.

3. Kings Of Leon

This is the third song I could find under the name "Radioactive", from the Kings Of Leon. It is still a good song. It has a kind of Rock in it like the song of the Imagine Dragons. I don't have much to day, this song is great.

4. Rita Ora

First I heard her version of "Radioactive" and I didn't liked it a lot. But after a few times and weeks I learned to like it. It is a good version like the another three coming first. Rita Ora is a newcomer who sings in genres from pop to R&B. Her debut album "Ora" reached place number one in the UK.

5. Eric Saade

Eric Saade is a swedish singer. In 2011 he got famous international as he performed the song "Popular" at the Eurovision Songcontest. He sang a song under the name "Radioactive" and I don't like this song. It'S not really boring, but it has this boring beat. I don't say that he can't sing, but the most is like the for the "big part" matched crap. Great, he has won the last place today.

On my view... 

I think all the songs are good, only the last one is in my ears such a crap.
I think the positions are maybe not all correct. The first may be the last and otherwise. It was really hard to set a place, because all of them were really amazing.

I'm sorry that

Please, if you want to buy an album, do it on the amazon site of your country. I set different sites. The first was the UK Amazon site, the second one was an italian site and the last site is german.

I don't know if the words are all correct, but if they are, I'll do it better in the next few posts.

See you.


Anonymous said...

You missed Radioactive by The Firm.

Anonymous said...

Gay... i wanted songs like it not the same damn name.

Anonymous said...

The Firm's Radioactive should be #1. Can't believw you missed this all-time classic by one of the best vocalists ever.